Villa Adasa - Master bedroom preview


“Who wouldn’t love to live like a pampered A-list celebrity for a week? And island villas are not as prohibitively expensive as they once were, especially if you’re travelling as a family or in a house-party group.” Island villas: Maldives, Bali and Fiji luxury stays, The Australian, Published January 7, 2017.
“You don’t need to spend hours on researching the right one, we took care of it and pinned down the 15 best villas in Seminyak to inspire you for your next Bali dream getaway.” The Best Villas in Seminyak, The Asia Collective, Published October 15, 2016.
“Chic, cosmopolitan and contemporary, the three bedroom Villa Adasa is cocooned within the exclusive Laksmana Estate in Seminyak’s heart…” Villa Adasa, FRV Travel, Edition 11.6, April 2015.
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